NAS Part 2

The third level in the NAS curriculum is NAS 2. It is designed to further develop the survey skills acquired during Intro and NAS 1, and to broaden archaeological knowledge by attending relevant conferences or heritage days. There is no formal teaching to this course. It is very beneficial (but not a requirement) if some field work experience is acquired before starting.  NAS 2 involves completing a short survey which demonstrates that the participant has understood the survey techniques previously introduced.  This data is presented in the form of a short, well-structured report.  A UASBC tutor serves as a mentor during this project.

People who complete a NAS 2 project find that they have a greater understanding of underwater archaeology and survey techniques.  We find they have developed much of the understanding and confidence needed to be a valuable part of a survey and reporting team.  They are also often more capable of doing some organizational work for UASBC.

Contact the baeyoung [at] telus [dot] net (UASBC Education Director) for information on beginning your NAS 2 course.