Nautical Archaeology Society

The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) is based in Portsmouth, England.  NAS was developed from a need to combine academic knowledge with diving expertise, in order to work in an underwater environment.  From this premise an educational program was developed.  NAS is a well-respected and internationally recognized organization.

The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia teaches the NAS curriculum because it is excellent preparation for anyone interested in taking part in UASBC projects.  NAS is a four part certificate program. It is designed to suit the needs of people who are interested in a “hands on” approach to underwater archaeology, and who may or may not have any other background in the subject. The UASBC teaches these courses under license and must follow the NAS curriculum, with some modifications to make sites and topics relevant to BC. 

Everyone who teaches the NAS courses in BC is a member of UASBC.  All have taken a NAS approved tutor course and have field experience.  All are volunteers.

There are five NAS levels, counting the introductory course (which is sometimes taught along with NAS 1).  At the moment, the UASBC teaches Intro to NAS, NAS 1 and NAS 2.  Upon completion of the Intro to NAS course, students are issued a “NAS passport”.  This is a document in which one records all course work and relevant activities.

Browse the menu to the right to learn more about the NAS courses.  Course offerings are typically listed lower on this page.  You can also contact the baeyoung [at] telus [dot] net (UASBC Education Director) for more information.

NAS Intro:  Scheduled for Sunday, January 14th, at the Recreation Centre Pool in Powell River.  Please contact the Education Director at  baeyoung [at] telus [dot] net